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American Cruise Lines Parking Lot FAQ's

Cost will be approximately $175 for the duration. See link to your below to pay for parking. (sometimes the link does not work in a chrome browser)

You can only reserve the parking space one day in advance. It works similar to a parking meter. 

The lot is never in full capacity so you will be guaranteed a space. Be sure to input the correct license plate information with no spaces or state name. 

Parking permissions is valid for 9 days. You can reserve via the link the day prior of departure and it is valid until the following Sunday. 

There is only one way to pay and that's via credit card through the Text2Park portal. 

The location of the surface parking lot is 616 South Water Street, Providence, R.I. 02903

We are the closest lot to the port - .4 mile walk

Shuttle service is not provided from the parking lot to the cruise ship. We recommend dropping luggage off at the ship first, then park and enjoy the walk along the water. If not, arrange for a share ride or taxi service. 

We do have cameras on site. The lot is attended at night only. Not during the day. Please be sure to not showcase anything that may seem of value. We do not have any issues often but we try to avoid them. 

Please be sure to park in one space, in between the lines. 

Larger vehicles, be sure to park in the perimeter of the parking lot. Smaller vehicles, in the middle of the lot.

There are 76 spaces in the lot, only 5 are reserved for a local law firm. Please do not park in those spaces that are labeled accordingly. 

As long as you pay the fee, park properly and input the correct license plate, there will be no issues. 

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