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Give the bride and groom some extra relief on their special day by giving their guests an easy route into the event. Guests will be able to pull right up front and be guided in the right direction, the elderly can be helped into the venue, and no one has to worry about their hair getting messed up in the wind or dresses and suits getting dirty while walking from the parking lot.


Attract top donors and make your guests happier by adding the extra hospitality and convenience that comes with valet parking. By offering valet parking to your guests, you are going above and beyond to show you want to make their day a wonderful and memorable experience. Everyone appreciates the ease when arriving and leaving.

Private Parties

The host of a party has enough things to juggle besides finding parking for all the guests. Whether you’re having an anniversary, birthday, graduation or holiday party, valet parking is the finishing touch that guests and hosts will both appreciate. Lack of parking or a far distance from the venue or residence is always an issuse. 

Black Tie & Gala Event

Let the entrance of your event make your guests’ first impressions, not the parking lot. Our valet team will greet your guests with a smile, guide everyone towards the party, take and hang-up coats, safely park all vehicles, and allow everyone to stay out of any inclement weather. We provide everything necessary for a top-class parking operation, including superior customer service.

Open House

By removing the difficulties of finding a parking spot and walking through inclement weather, your cleints will appreciate the service you have provided for them. When they arrive to your open house, make it easy for them to pull up to the front door and get them inside to show them what you are offering.

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